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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Physical Therapy In Dorchester, MA.

Are You Finding It Challenging To Sleep, Lift Weights, Reach Overhead, Check Your Blind Spot While Driving, Or Complete Your Daily Tasks Due To Neck Pain And Headaches?

If this sounds familiar, you may have anticipated the discomfort to ease after a few days or weeks, but it persists.

We're Here To Assist You In Finding Long-Lasting Solutions.

We commonly address neck disorders including:

Here are some typical causes:

1. Impaired Mechanics: Weakness and muscle imbalances lead to restricted motion, while joint stiffness and muscle inflexibility affect posture.

2. Sudden strain or impact on the tissue results in injury.

3. Chronic compensatory mechanisms may involve avoiding certain muscle groups and overusing others due to past injuries or fear of future ones.

At PT 617 Physical Therapy & Performance LLC, We Take The Following Approach:

Important Points To Remember:

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