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Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain Physical Therapy In Dorchester, MA.

Are You Experiencing Difficulty Walking, Running, Jumping, Going Downstairs, Or Carrying Out Your Daily Tasks Due To Pain In Your Ankle Or Foot?

Does this situation resonate with you?
Our Aim Is To Assist You In Discovering Long-Lasting Solutions That Will Be Effective For You!
Listed below are some of the common ankle and foot conditions we address:

Common Causes:

1. Impaired Mechanics: This refers to limited range of motion due to stiffness in the joints or reduced muscle flexibility. Weakness and imbalances in muscles can further compromise joint stability.

2. Injuries  Resulting from Sudden Impact or Excessive Stress on Tissues.

3. Chronic Compensations: Previous injuries or fear of future harm can lead to avoidance of certain muscle groups during exercise, causing an overuse of others.

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Additionally, Our Treatments May Include:

Keep In Mind:

1. Tissues have a natural healing process. Sometimes, they may get stuck in the inflammatory phase and need assistance to progress to the recovery phase.

2. Pain may not always correlate with imaging results. A tissue injury shown on imaging may not cause discomfort or functional limitations, while pain can occur without obvious findings, often due to nerve tissue oversensitivity.

3. Soreness after exercise is not always a cause for concern. It can indicate the tissue is adapting and becoming stronger. It’s a sign to determine whether the tissue is ready for more load, should be maintained, or requires reduced intensity.

4. With proper education, mechanics, and gradual tissue loading, returning to previous activities is usually possible.

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